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In the recent weeks life as we knew it has changed tremendously and we hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. As an essential business, Still Bros Inc. remains open to help serve our community and keep our truckers safely on the road. Our mission to take care of our customers as well as employees also remains unchanged. 

We are taking proper precautions and implementing new policies to maintain a safe and healthy business environment for everyone.  We are also reaching out to you to join us in fighting the spread of COVID-19 by practicing safe and sanitary social behaviors. Below you will find the changes we have implemented for the protection our customer and staff. We truly appreciate your trust in keeping you safe and on the road during these unforeseeable times. Thank you for your cooperation!

Yes we are open! However gates are closed and office may be locked to minimize contact, please call 530-671-5309 ext 201 to reach someone. If the phone is not answered right away please be patient you will receive a call back if you leave a message. 

Designated areas: We have chained off areas within our office to minimize personal contact. We have also closed our waiting area. If you do need to utilize the waiting area, we will be sure it is sanitized before and after each use.
Sanitation: All surfaces that are being accessed by our staff are thoroughly sanitized and covered before, during and after repairs.

Drop off:
• Call ahead with any needed service/repairs
• upon arrival leave keys in vehicle. 
• No need to sign, we will take it from there!
• At that time we provide an initial sanitation of door handles, keys, shift knobs etc.

Pick up:
• You will receive a call when your vehicle is ready
• Before your arrival we provide a final sanitation
• Trailers will be behind the gate, proceed through for pick up

The shop is for employees only: Our mechanics are hard at work, all of your needs can be addressed with the office staff. To maximize the time spent ensuring your vehicles needs are met, our mechanics may not be readily available for conversation. Please do not enter the shop area. The office staff will happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

Still Bros Inc will maintain vigilance with the health of ourselves and our community and appreciate Once again, we appreciate your support and courtesy regarding the COVID-19 matter. We want to see everyone live happy and healthy for many years to come!